10 Best Skateboard Pants Reviews & Buyers Guide

best skateboard pants

As we all well know the importance of a good skateboard and a good pair of shoes, that go well with skating. What we often tend to forget is to pack our self with a good pant while going skating. Having the best skateboard pants will not just make your movements easier but also serve you well in keeping you have and healthy.

Skateboarding is fun until you are prepared for falling and having failures while skating. After all, that’s the fun element of it, the thrill and excitement it brings on to you. But still, you can have injuries and spill outs, which can limit you from enjoying skating the next time. And having the right pair of skating pants, can work wonders for you.

The best skateboard pants are flexible on your body, they allow your skin to breathe. they offer you that mobility and doesn’t limit you in having a good time while enjoying your skating. But finding the right pants,which can give you that sense of trust and durability of being there for you, when you fall off the skateboard is definitely not a child’s play.

There are plenty of options online as well as offline, to get yourself the best skateboard pants.But are they all worth your money? I certainly do not attach weight to it.Not having a proper exposure into skateboard can result in you buying some random fabricated skateboard pants,that is good for nothing.

But wait! What am I doing here then? Yes in today’s piece I have tried to solve that complication of yours ,to suggest you the best skateboard pants out there that are surely something to invest on if you are a skating enthusiast and cannot settle with a regular pant for skating.

I will not hesitate in calling them the finest and most trustworthy skateboard pants you will find ever swirling around tons of options. They are all made, keeping in mind the needs of a skating individual, so it also rules out any possibility of not going well with your skating experiences.

So without further ado let’s jump straight into the lineup of the best skateboard pants 2020 has to offer us…

Relaxed Fit Cargo Pant Relaxed Fit Cargo Pant UNIONBAY Men’s Survivor
  • Quality:Good
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Fit Work Pant Fit Work Pant Dickies Men’s Skinny Straight
  • Quality:Good
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Military Cargo Pants Military Cargo Pants Rothco Camo Tactical BDU
  • Quality:Good
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Original 874 Work Pant Original 874 Work Pant Dickies Men’s
  • Quality:Good
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Modern Fit Stretch Chino Pant Modern Fit Stretch Chino Pant Volcom Men’s Frickin
  • Quality:Good
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Comfort Elastic Waist Chino Pant Comfort Elastic Waist Chino Pant Volcom Men’s Moover 
  • Quality:Good
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Ridge Cargo Pant Ridge Cargo Pant Columbia Mens
  • Quality:Good
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Relaxed Fit Denim Jean Relaxed Fit Denim Jean Volcom Men’s Modown
  • Quality:Good
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Stretch Basic Long Chino Pants Stretch Basic Long Chino Pants Southpole Men’s Flex
  • Quality:Good
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Jogger Pants Slim Fit Stretch Sweatpants Jogger Pants Slim Fit Stretch Sweatpants ITALY MORN Men’s Casual
  • Quality:Good
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Best Skateboard Pants Reviews

1. UNIONBAY Men’s Survivor – Relaxed Fit Cargo Pant

Unionbay Men’s Skateboard Pants Key Features

2. Dickies Men’s Skinny Straight – Fit Work Pant

Dickies Men’s Skateboard Pants Key Features

3. Rothco Camo Tactical BDU – Military Cargo Pants

Key Features Rothco Camo Skateboard Pants Key Features

4. Dickies Men’s – Original 874 Work Pant

Dickies Men’s Work Pant Skateboard Pants Key Features

5. Volcom Men’s Frickin – Modern Fit Stretch Chino Pant

Frickin Men’s Skateboard Pants Key Features

6. Volcom Men’s Moover – Comfort Elastic Waist Chino Pant

Volcom Men’s Moover Skateboard Pants Key Features

7. Columbia Mens – Ridge Cargo Pant

Columbia Men’s Skateboard Pants Key Features

8. Volcom Men’s Modown -Relaxed Fit Denim Jean

Modown Men’s Skateboard Pants Key Features

9. Southpole Men’s Flex – Stretch Basic Long Chino Pants

Southpole Men’s Skateboard Pants Key Features

10. ITALY MORN Men’s Casual – Jogger Pants Slim Fit Stretch Sweatpants

Italy Morn Men’s Skateboard Pants Key Features

FAQ's Relating To Skateboard Pants

Which Pants are good for Skating ?

Well, you can notice from the above lineup itself. There are some good brands that come up with pants, that you will want to carry with you on skating.All of the are brilliant and can be carried out while skating.But If you really want to know which ones are celebrated and acclaimed to have the best skateboard pants, those brands would have to be Valcom, Dickies, and Columbia.

What type of Pants Skaters usually wear ?

Alright! So here is the thing. Skaters usually look for some common features in skateboard pants. They should be stylish enough to carry with a trendy activity like skating, which in itself is cool to try and badass to watch. Another thing skaters look for is the flexibility of the pant, your pant should endorse you skating by being east to move in. And the third thing a skating enthusiast watch on for is the comfort which the material offers while skating. All these features make up the best skateboard pants.

Can you Skateboard In Jeans ?

Firstly, jeans are not made to wear while skateboarding. They will not give you that room to move without inconvenience. Wearing tight jeans might be not very good for you crotch and can make you feel itchy after a period. Rather going with baggy and loose jeans is a fairly good option while skateboarding. Carrying cargo pants from the above options can also do the work for you.

Do skaters wear skinny jeans ?

Yes, they do. Wearing skinny jeans while skating will you help you in doing certain tricks and moves. But they can restricts your movement and jumps and also can limit you in preventing any fall or crash. So my advice would be, to not opt for jeans and go for skinny jeans that will not just allow some movement but also ensures ventilation. Fortunately, the best skateboard pants options listed above do not compromise on both of them.

What Girls should wear while Skateboarding ?

Girls can go on-board with cotton t-shirts and jeans while skating. As the body structure of girls is smaller, wearing jeans would not be uncomfortable for them specially. Getting themselves cool t-shirts that go well with skating and hoping on with the best skateboarding pants from the above lot,is an honest advise, I would give to any girl skating enthusiasts which are here to sort their problem out.

Final Thoughts

Hey there! I hope you would have found what you were looking for here in this article. For all the skating enthusiast, all the options above are handpicked by me and are of utmost comfortable for skating. Without a doubt, you should go out with the best skateboard gears and the best skateboard pants to ensure maximum amusement and minimum risk of injuries.

Alright! Now its time for me to and catch a skateboarding pant for my cousin, who is a skateboarding fan and loves to showcase is skateboarding tricks and skills he has got. But you do not forget to tell me which skateboard pants from the above lineup, stand out for you and deserve to be called out as the best skateboard pants among them, Where? down in the comment box.

I would simply love to hear your thoughts on this as well. See you there Bingo. 

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