9 Best Rated Pickleball Books Review & Buyers Guide

best rated pickleball books

Pickleball lover and wanted to evolve more into the game, try these best rated pickleball books.

Reading is one of the most necessary habit that we all should inculcate in our daily routine. It is best thing to create discipline into our life. Reading books makes our mind calms and make us a good human being

Today everyone use smart phones and gadgets and use these all day. You just have to search and everything is available in just seconds. Due to these technologies we have outsided the good habits like reading books.But readings books daily can be boring and we can not continue it for long.That happens with most of us. 

If you love play to pickleball and practice it daily then these best rated pickleball books are a must read for all you pickleball lovers. Practice makes a man perfect, that’s true. But apart from practice you need to learn about basic skills and technique to excel in the sport. 

Apart from practice having knowledge about the activity you love to do is really important. It helps in making you more efficient in that activity.

If you want to play pickleball like a pro then, do consider reading these best rated pickleball books.

There are different books with covering different aspects of the sport. If you are a begineer then you can explore many books and if you know how to play then there are higher level books also.There are books on how to play pickleball, how to play pickleball on tennis court, pickleball strategy, pickleball tips for beginners and many more. 

You can read these books for knowledge and use these techniques and knowledge on the field and become a better player. 

So, we have reviewed some best rated pickleball books for you and get yourself the best rated picklebook books.

Best Rated Pickball Books Reviews

1. Smart Pickleball- The Pickleball Guru’s Guide

Smart Pickleball Key Features

  • Just because you know the rules and have had a blast playing pickleball since the day you learned, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re playing as well as you could be...
  • Players of every age and ability can learn to play better and win more when they start to apply the principles of Smart Pickleball™.
  • The Pickleball Guru, takes you along on an entertaining journey full of colorful characters and astonishingly familiar scenarios as he teaches one of his highly-renowned, frequently sold-out “Pickleball Guru Academy” clinics and a number of private lessons. With diagrams, drills, and a captivating allegorical style
  • The Pickleball Guru uses case studies and personal examples to teach you the difference between just “getting the ball over the net” and playing Smart Pickleball™.
  • This book will keep you turning the pages and have you raring to get back out on the courts to practice what you learn the minute you close the cover.

2. At the Line Pickleball- The Winning Doubles Pickleball Strategy

At the Line Pickleball Key Features

  • Would you like to learn the winning strategy used by all of the top pickleball players? Look no further than this shot-by-shot guide that will take you through every phase of the game, showing you the highest percentage shot for about every playing situation. Players at all levels can benefit from this well illustrated and easy-to-understand strategy guide.
  • Author Joe Baker’s videos on pickleball strategy have been watched by hundreds of thousands of fans. In collaboration with top players and coaches in the sport, he is now sharing the techniques and strategies in this guide.
  • Baker also covers topics like court coverage teamwork and communication, dinking targets, the pitfalls of too much aggression, ball striking technique, and his winning philosophy. Diagrams make the information easy to follow.
  • Advanced pickleball strategy is not obvious and as a consequence, most players never reach their potential. Not understanding the best strategy is often what keeps a good recreational player from becoming a tournament player. This book can help you avoid common mistakes and help speed your way to playing high-percentage pickleball. Quizzes at the end of each chapter test your knowledge of the material and help you process the advice.

3. How to Play Pickleball- Illustrated Stroke Techniques and Winning Strategies

How to Play Pickleball: The Complete Guide from A to Z Key Features

  • Pickleball legend Coach Mo has finally put all of his years of accumulated knowledge into this complete pickleball guide. This comprehensive book is the “complete Coach Mo resource,” capturing all of his knowledge on techniques and strategy. This book is fully suitable for the complete newcomer to the game but it goes on to explain how to play at the most advanced tournament level.
  • Next, the book goes on to explain the basic rules of the game and how to keep score. Starting with the serve, the book explains how to play the game shot by shot. However, this book does not stop with beginner/intermediate information. This book explains how to progress to the most advanced level of national tournament play.
  • Along with teaching and coaching beginners, Coach Mo has developed and coached many top competitors, including national champions.This book focuses on pickleball fundamentals and basic strategy. Specifically it focuses on shot techniques, player movement, player positioning, and how to play smart, high percentage pickleball. Shot technique is an often overlooked but critical key to success. Without good technique, you can make good shots sometimes, but you can’t make good shots reliably.Are you ready to learn? If so, let this book transform your game.

4. The Art of Pickleball (Fourth Edition)-Techniques and Strategies for Everyone

The Art of Pickleball (Fourth Edition) Key Features

  • Polish your skills, from overhead smashes to dinks
  • Learn the fine points of etiquette, ethics, and safety
  • Develop winning strategies for singles and doubles
  • Techniques designed to take you to the next level
  • Numerous photos, illustrations, and diagrams
  • Choose the right paddle and other accessories
  • Master the fundamentals with step-by-step instructions and pictures

5. Pickleball Fundamentals (Sports Fundamentals)- Good For Both Beginners And Advance players

Pickleball Fundamentals (Sports Fundamentals) Key Features

  • Fast, fun, and competitive: Simply step onto the court and it will be clear why pickleball is booming in popularity.
  • Pickleball Fundamentals is the first book written and endorsed by the USA Pickleball Association. It will teach you the basics of the sport so that you can join the fun on the court right away.
  • Learn proper execution of the sport’s essential skills and tactics. All the shots—groundstroke, serve and return, volley, dink, lob, overhead smash, and drop—provide a base for solid technique.
  • More than 40 drills and gamelike activities will speed your learning while improving performance. You’ll also find competitive tactics for various scenarios and strategies for both singles and doubles play.
  • So whether you are new to the sport or one of the growing number of pickleball fanatics, Pickleball Fundamentals is the best way to master the basics and compete with confidence.

6. One-Minute Pickleball- A Smorgasbord of Basic Rules..

One-Minute PickleBall Key Features

  • One Minute Pickleball is distinctly different from other books on the topic in three unique ways.
  • First, it treats each of its 70+ topics in a concise (yet highly readable) manner such that each of the individual subjects can be read and absorbed in about a minute.
  • Second, the book is infused with an occasional lighthearted flavor to remind the readers that both learning about pickleball and playing the sport should be FUN.
  • Third, the author includes a discussion of several down-to-earth topics that are not covered in comparable books on pickleball.

7. Inside The Game- The Madness, Metrics, and Methods of Winning Pickleball

Inside The Game Key Features

  • Only the 2nd book to be endorsed by the USAPA, Inside the Game breaks new ground and brings the power of statistically significant data to help players understand what makes and breaks their game.
  • 300 professional and 100 club matches were studied to form the picture of success and failure on the court.
  • Interviews with 15 professional players help bring focus to methods and practice strategies that will help improve your game.

8. History of Pickleball- More Than 50 Years of Fun!

History of Pickleball Key Features

  • Are you curious about how pickleball came to be or how the sport got such a funny name? Do you know what caused pickleball to become the fastest growing sport in America and what people and events helped spark this growth? Do you wonder how the rules were determined or why the court is the size it is? Be fascinated by the stories of founders Barney McCallum, Joel Pritchard and Bill Bell.
  • History of Pickleball: More Than 50 Years of Fun! has these answers and many more! Authors Jennifer (daughter/17 time USAPA National Champion) and Beverly (mother/one of the first USAPA Ambassadors) have spent three years researching and gathering stories from pioneers of the sport, as well as pulling from their personal experiences to bring you a fascinating compilation of pickleball history.
  • Chapter titles include: The Summer of 65; Playing on the Early Courts and Growth; Pickle-Ball, The Corporation; Pukaball – Early Years on Maui; Washington; Trade Shows; The Name (of course!); Paddles; Balls and Nets; Rules; Florida; U.S.A.P.A.; Arizona; Tournaments; Pickleball Around the World; Health Facts; and much more… So grab your favorite beverage, find a comfy chair, and enjoy pickleball’s journey.

Buyers Guide for Best Rated Pickleball Books

There are thousands of books in market on each topic and finding the perfect one best rated pickleball books for you can be little difficult. So, we have mentioned some best rated pickleball books. 

Before choosing we are mentioning some factors and buyers guide to look for in your best pickleball books: 

Purpose of book: Think about why you want to read pickleball book. Want to know anything specific, a beginner or you love reading. Choose accordingly.

Level of book: If you are a beginner in pickleball that don,t know much about the sport then read the basic knowledge book, or if you lack in any technique then go for the one which tells you about that.

Book lover: If you love reading and can read without getting bored or sleepy and love playing pickleball, then I would suggest that you should go through all levels book whether you know how to play or not.

Author of book: There are some great players and they have shared great techniques and their experience in the books about the sport life and also their personal life about pickleball. 

So, if you admire some player then you can look for their book. Also, you can search for great players and their books to get the real life experience of someone about the pickleball.

Publishing time of book: Like everything pickleball have also changed a bit with the time.

There may be some different techniques and uses in the past compared to now. If you want to know about past of pickleball you can choose the old published books and can also compare with the latest published books and use both time techniques in the field.

We have given above all types of best rated pickleball books so that you have variety but have best book.  

Conclusion About Best Rated Pickleball Books

We have prepared this article on best rated pickleball books for people like you who are book or sport lovers.

Reading can make you ahead in your life.Because reading is a good habit and exploring new things in life is great. You can think that you have the knowledge and don’t need to read a book. But i am sure that when you will read the books you will get tons of small things which you didn’t knew about.  

Trust me you will really be cheerful after reading these books and knowing about new things about the sport you love.

You have come till here so must wanted to buy a book and read it which is exciting and knowledgable. So, for you we have mentioned and reviewed top 9 best rated pickleball books for you.

We hope you get your best rated pickleball books and get so much from them.

Have a happy reading!

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